Demoniac Verse

An Incubus in Port-Au-Feu


22nd Mar 2017, 6:00 AM in Chapter 1
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Author Notes:

hushicho 22nd Mar 2017, 6:00 AM edit delete
Port-Au-Feu is a majestic and complicated city. I hope you'll enjoy the worldbuilding I've put into it; we'll see more of the Rue de Carmin later -- much later -- but I was very satisfied with its introduction. Mysterious! Even a little eerie! But pretty, I think.

There are numerous other sections of the city, primarily concentrating on different supernatural beings. But Main Street is the melting pot, with average humans the baseline there...even if there are plenty of shops catering to real magic and pushing past the veil.

The supernatural is palpable in Port-Au-Feu, but these beings are not overtly out to the world. They still must maintain a careful veneer of plausible deniability.
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