Demoniac Verse

An Incubus in Port-Au-Feu


8th Aug 2017, 9:00 AM in Chapter 4
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Author Notes:

hushicho 8th Aug 2017, 9:00 AM
At last! Valysiun is saved from his risky situation by the mysterious Riga! What, did you think I was saying "at last" to seeing more of big brother incubus? Well...maybe that too!

Of course, the whole chapter is available at my Patreon, as is every chapter of Demoniac Verse! And this month, the exclusive Incubus Tales archives is going to be free for everyone! It will be available today! It's one of my favorite chapters and one of my favorite pieces of work I've ever done. It's provided as a thank you, for all your support. If you enjoy my work, please support me on Patreon. It's the best way to make sure I can keep on keeping on!

Happy hump day! More to come Thursday! Remember, always brings you to Demoniac Verse!